The $58 Million Wrongful Death Judgement Against O.J. Simpson

The infamous 1994 murder of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson would go down in history as one of the most iconic murder trials of all time, as Nicole’s own husband, famed NFL running back Orenthal James (O.J.) Simpson was arrested for the crimes after several pieces of evidence linked him to the murders.

O.J.’s murder trial was highly-publicized due to the charismatic pull O.J. had on his fans across the country. However, the State of California and the families of Ron and Nicole would go on to seek justice for their deaths, almost certainly caused by “The Juice” himself.

The People vs. O.J.

Approximately 100 million people across the world watched as Prosecutor Marcia Cross took on O.J. and his defense counsel, which included Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro, and Robert Kardashian.

It wasn’t so much the fact that there was a lack of physical evidence against O.J. Simpson that led to his acquittal. After all, blood smears were found on his white Bronco and, of course, the moment when O.J. feigned that the glove recovered didn’t fit his hand when it was clear that it did. Rather, the jury found the sloppy police work and tendency of the officers involved to engage in racist behaviors more troublesome and it casted doubt in their minds of O.J.’s guilt.

Later, O.J. worked with a ghostwriter to publish a book entitled “If I Did It,” which is supposed to be based upon interviews O.J. gave. The book “hypothetically” describes how Simpson would have committed the murders if he had actually committed them.

The Family Sought Justice… and Won

In 1996, the family of Ron Goldman filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Simpson. “In order for a wrongful death claim to be successful,” says an experienced Corpus Christi wrongful death attorney, “the plaintiff will need to establish to the judge that the evidence demonstrates that the defendant is liable for the death of their loved one.”

That’s exactly what they did in this case. The Santa Monica jury that overheard the trial initially awarded Goldman’s family $33,500,000 in damages, which were eventually increased to $58 million after the case was renewed back in 2015.

This mostly unpaid judgement is likely to continue to haunt Simpson for the rest of his life and he will surely continue to do everything possible, as he has done, to avoid repaying the families he destroyed.